Stick arena Ballistick

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Stick arena Ballistick Has arived!

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1 Stick arena Ballistick Has arived! on Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:58 am


The game stick arena ballistick has arived.

What new?

-No more hackers
-Map editor
-New maps
-New weapons
-New spinners
-New pets!
-And more!

Map editor:

U can create your own map. Space or like xgenhq all.

New maps:

Maps at the space

New weapons:

New weapons: flamethrower, chain gun , chainsaw, rail gun , laser sword , tesla helm

New spinners:

Spinners are that u can have at your way a star a cd ...

New pets:

Pets?! those are by u where u go they go with you.

And more:

Lab pass: Can have pets , spinners , map editor , maps in space and vip others that they can play new maps.

Thats all

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